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Rules for posting on the service
Personal assistance for institutions
Rules for posting on the service
“Personal help” for children who are
treatment required
Rules for posting on the service
Personal Assistance for Families
Rules for posting on the service
Personal Assistance for Social
of projects
Rules for posting on the service
"Personal Assistance" for the public
of organizations

Download application form, which contains all the necessary documents, fill out the form.

Send the completed application form (scan copy with signature) for consideration by e-mail

Send a package of documents (scanned copies) in accordance with the list and taking into account the category of beneficiaries to which you belong.

After checking the provided package of documents, the site administration assigns the beneficiary an individual current account for collecting donations.

Information about the beneficiary is placed in the database on the site and displayed on the interactive map of the service; creates a personal account of the beneficiary
with a detailed description of the problem and possible donation methods.

1. & nbsp; The transparency of the Personal Help service system © & nbsp; consists in a multi-stage control system that has no analogues. The Fund, the Philanthropist and the Beneficiary, have the ability to monitor the status of the account online. & Nbsp;

2. & nbsp; The philanthropist can always control & nbsp; the receipt of funds to the beneficiary’s bank account, as each beneficiary has an individual counter of received funds.

3. & nbsp; Funds received by the beneficiary’s bank account, & nbsp; are not cashed . If we are talking about treating a child, then the money is transferred from the individual bank account of the child to the account of the medical institution in accordance with the details indicated in the account. With regard to institutions, if there is money on the account, the head of the institution sends an official letter to the Foundation’s email & nbsp; & nbsp; with a request for the acquisition of material values, after which the Foundation, by letter of donation, transfers the material values ​​to the institution.

1. & nbsp; Transfer funds & nbsp; to the individual bank account of any beneficiary who is a member of the Personal Assistance service ©.

2. & nbsp; Take an active part in promoting the project on social networks, & nbsp; assist in the formation of communities & nbsp; around beneficiaries, thereby attracting & nbsp; potential benefactors . Thus, it is possible to help not one specific child or institution, but many people in need at once.

Public offer


Сумму пожертвования необходимо указать цифрами – например «100». Допустимый размер пожертвования
от 10 до 15 000 рублей. В случае если число будет указано прописью или сообщение будет содержать только текст, суммой пожертвования
будет автоматически считаться 100 рублей. После указания размера пожертвования необходимо указать Персональный номер Благополучателя, который размещен в его Личном кабинете. 

Услуга доступна для абонентов МТС, «Билайн», «Мегафон».

Другие способы пожертвования