Rules for posting on the service
"Personal aid" to the institutions
Rules for posting on the service "Personal aid" for children who need treatment
Rules for posting on the service "Personal aid" for families
Rules for posting on the service "Personal aid" for social projects

1. Download the application form,which indicates all the necessary documents, complete the form.

2. Send the completed application form (a signed scanned copy) for consideration by e-mail:

3. Send a package of documents (scanned copies) in accordance with the list and with due account for the category of beneficiaries you belong to.

4. After checking the provided package of documents, the Site Administration assignsan individual settlement account  to the beneficiary for fundraising.

5. The information about the beneficiary is placed in the database on the site d-fond.ruand displayed on the interactive service map сервиса; the Beneficiary’s Personal Account is created with a detailed description of the problem and possible ways of donating.

1. . Transparency of the "Personal Assistance" Service System© involves a multistage control system that has no analogues. The Fund, the Partner Bank and the Applicant with the Controller’s signature , control each other mutually друг друга. Thus, the Fund or the Applicant does not have the right to make account transactions without the consent of the second party.

2. The Benefactor can always check the receipt of funds on the beneficiary's settlement account, since a personal calculator of the received funds is provided for each beneficiary.

3. Funds ,received on the Beneficiary's settlement account , are not converted into cash.. If the funds are received for the child's treatment, they are transferred from the individual child's settlement account to the account of the medical institution in accordance with the details indicated in the Personal Account. As for the institutions, if the funds are available on the settlement account, the head of the institution sends an official letter to the Fund’s e-mail with a request for the acquisition of material items, after which the Fund sends material items to the institution upon a donation letter.

1. Transfer funds  to the individual settlement account of any beneficiary, who is a member of the "Personal Assistance" Service System©..

2.  Take an active part in promoting the project in social networks,  assist in the formation of communities around beneficiaries, thus attracting potential benefactors.Thus, there is an opportunity to help not one particular child or institution, but immediately many other people in need.